A powerful L. Plantarum supplement. Reduce histamine levels, support your gut bacteria, and take the first step towards mastering your metabolism with this probiotic.

The green smoothie's best friend. Durable, easy to clean, effortlessly efficient, and a reliable partner when undertaking the GUT lifestyle. Join the blended revolution! 

An effective form of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. A healthy form of fat to fulfill the absorption component of the GUT smoothie. Helpful for high blood pressure and general heart health.

Lazy man's green smoothie mix. Give your nutrition a boost with this acid reducing mixture of essential nutrients. Add to your GUT smoothie when you find the crisper drawer empty. 

A cheaper, but equally effective alternative to the Vitamix. Save some money on the brand name and pick up this mastication monster. 

Containing a diverse collection of essential fatty acids, hemp hearts offer a powerful tool in the immunological response. When incorporated into the GUT smoothie, these protein-rich seeds work to fight disease and improve microbiome health simultaneously. 

Clean energy green nutrient drink. Reduce your alkalinity and boost your energy levels with daily consumption, or hold as a reserve source of essential vitamins and minerals. 

Unlocking the power of blended symbiotic smoothies for everyone. Affordable and convenient, the quintessential beginners blender. 

Medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), essential for our skin, hair, and healthy cellular function throughout the body. Coconut oil contains approximately 60% MCFA's, regarded by many indigenous islanders as the key to heart health. Medical professionals not only agree, but have also identified MCFA's as a natural precaution against pathogenic infection.

A well-rounded probiotic consisting of lactic acid bacteria (LAB). Support the production of digestive enzymes and promote a healthy relationship between the gut and the brain with this convenient yogurt drink. 

The definitive guide to fecal transplants. Unlocking the ultimate form of microbiome therapy to everyone, regardless of geographic location.

One of the essential building blocks of the GUT diet. Packed with resistant starches, this starchy GUT food is a primary source of sustenance for the live cultures living in your colon.